2013: An Epic Vintage

News flash! Read our harvest report to find out why winemakers are saying 2013 may be the best vintage ever for Long Island reds.

Why Merlot and Merlot-Based Blends?

Photo credit Randee Dadonna for Edible East End, High Summer 2012

Merliance was formed as the Long Island Merlot Alliance in 2005 by wineries dedicated to advancing the quality in the production of merlot-based wines as the signature wines of our region. In 2012, we evolved our mission to underscore our support for merlot-based blends and changed our name to simply, Merliance, a blended word based on merlot–just like our cooperative wine and our mission. Merlot is the most widely planted grape, consistently performs well in our terroir and, because it’s so often used in blends, enriches all red wines of our region. Read more about our organization in the Edible East End feature story, “Reveling in Red,” published in the High Summer 2012 edition.

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